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A recent finalist for Notting Hill Editions’ Essay Prize, Jennifer Kabat (@jenkabat) is working on a book called Growing Up Modern, exploring art, ideology and the landscape from the modernist suburb where she grew up to the Western Catskills where she lives now. She’s been awarded a Creative Capital/Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant for her criticism and teaches at NYU. She contributes to BOMB, The Believer and Frieze and was once an editor at the legendary style magazine The Face in London.

The Angel’s Share – Searching for Whisky. Or Truth. Or Both. Part I

In the lost city of whisky, the one-time whisky capital Campbeltown, Jennifer Kabat goes in search of scotch in the first of a 3-part series on the spirit. Continue reading

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The Dream of the 90s: Where Did All The Anger Go? 1993 at the New Museum

Haunted by the past, Jennifer Kabat takes on the New Museum’s 1993 show and examines the era’s disappearance and recent reappearance in the art world Continue reading

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Thoughts on Boston

Jennifer Kabat on the marathon and its history in Boston, from its heroes to the existential test that the race exacts. Continue reading

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Snow Cowboys Farming The White Stuff

Blinding cold, freezing chill, frostbite, darkness, icy slopes, and the threat of death at every turn — all in a day’s work for a snowmaker. Jennifer Kabat rides out with them to work. Continue reading

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Notes from the Country: We Shoot It, Gut It, Hang It, Skin It, Cut It

This winter Jennifer Kabat goes out hunting, not exactly hunting, sometimes more like hiking and hanging out, but learning to hunt. Continue reading

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All I Want For Christmas…

But will it make you happy? In Jennifer Kabat’s case, probably not. And why she doesn’t want presents. Okay some presents. Okay I want the thing that will make me… Continue reading

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Peace on Earth

Gun violence by the numbers: Jennifer Kabat looks at the stats and then gets personal. Continue reading

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Fill In The Blank: Colleen Asper

Painting, language, realism and hyper detail – Colleen Asper paints the world minus the words, questioning them – even the power of Google. Continue reading

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Make Me An Offer, Martha Rosler at MoMA

When is trash art? The cast off raised up and revalued? Jennifer Kabat visits Martha Rosler’s Garage Sale now at MoMA in the run-up to Christmas. Continue reading

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Not A Drop To Drink

Living in the Catskills can feel like a colonial territory belonging to NYC. Jennifer Kabat looks at what the city does in pursuit of clean water. Continue reading

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Not Enough…

After the Hurricane, so much art has been lost among everything else. Jennifer Kabat looks at how other communities have responded to art and disasters — Katrina, Irene and AIDS. Continue reading

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The Pigeon on the Path of the Novel’s Two Paths and Zadie Smith’s “NW”

In which Jennifer Kabat takes on Zadie Smith’s Two Paths for the Novel and NW and engages in the fight between realism and the avant-garde. Continue reading

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