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Litsa Dremousis is the author of "Altitude Sickness" (Future Tense Books). “The book is a howl of pain, a bellow of grief, and a funny-sad Irish funeral for a lover and friend, combining deep wisdom about mortality with an almost naive sensibility...The length is just about perfect: Any shorter and the thousand opposing facets of her experience wouldn’t be fully examined, but any longer might dilute her laser-sharp focus on the subject.”--Paul Constant, The Stranger. Seattle Metropolitan Magazine named "Altitude Sickness" one of the all-time "20 Books Every Seattleite Must Read". Her essay "After the Fire" was selected as one of the "Most Notable Essays of 2011" by Best American Essays 2012. She’s a Contributing Editor at The Weeklings. The Seattle Weekly named her one of "50 Women Who Rock Seattle".

Neurological New Year’s Logic

“As I occasionally do in crises, I’m counting on my bountiful rack to provide a distraction.” Continue reading

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What I’d Tell You If I Could

Litsa Dremousis records her thoughts on the fourth anniversary of a devastating loss. Continue reading

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That’s Why the Lady Was on Stamps

In a nation of ample food, withholding it is punitive, argues Litsa Dremousis. Continue reading

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