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Mayrah Udvardi, an emerging architect, activist, and writer, is fascinated with the way the built environment creates injustices in developing areas around the world. She grew up in Australia, Germany, and the US, a background which gave her insight into the ways in which place and identity coalesce. Mayrah has helped lead campaigns at the grassroots level ranging from an EPA-funded pilot program to generate energy independence in Corvallis, OR to campus sustainability at Wellesley College, MA to internal displacement in Bangalore, India. Her passion for addressing housing and livelihood insecurities through design emerged during her three years with Enterprise Design Initiatives, an affordable housing non-profit. She has since conducted two rigorous studies of spatial injustice: her thesis research addressed the ways in which urban design plays into environmental degradation and injustice in Bangalore. More recently, she has used drawing and mapping to record how indigenous peoples around the world struggle to sustain their homes, first through the Watson Traveling Fellowship and then for an Urban-Think Tank project called Empower Shack. These days, Mayrah is very much preoccupied with observing America's political landscape from her perch in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, NM.

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