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The Hippie Angel

Robert Burke Warren’s Yuletide of death, porn, and a hippie angel. Continue reading

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Serving Time In Sonic Youth

You’ve seen Renaissance man and esteemed guest Weekling Richard Edson onscreen in Do the Right Thing, Platoon, Stranger Than Paradise, and dozens of other films, but you probably don’t know he was the original drummer in seminal NYC post-punk noise mavens Sonic Youth. In this fascinating slice of life, he shares his riveting account of being a participant in several crucial music movements at once. The arty, funky, early 80s East Village lives again! Continue reading

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My Rock & Roll Paris

I was in the land where the creators are revered; Paris greets artists with an affection so strong it gives an energy boost, life force, enabling one to go back to the blank space with faith, with no fear. And indeed, I was not afraid. I was the opposite of afraid. Continue reading

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My Audition for the Ramones

Music editor Robert Burke Warren takes us back to his 1989 audition for The Ramones. Continue reading

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Monday Rock City: A Conversation with Growler

Gene Simmons infamously declared rock to be dead, decrying the lack of upcoming bands able to wear the mantle, let alone the Spandex, once rock’s senior tour of Black Sabbath, KISS, Aerosmith & AC/DC have taken their final encore. So … Continue reading

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Animal Smell

This is the story of not knowing but knowing, and of having the best song I wrote be like my own Fleetwood Mac’ing of our good and earnest little band. It did not really inflict endless damage, but it informed me, and so I suppose this is a bit like a confession and an apology and an admission, because good songs come from nothing less. – Jana Martin Continue reading

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Monday Rock City: The Dirt, The Game & The Truth with Author Neil Strauss

“Get to know yourself in truth, and without fear,” bestselling author Neil Strauss tells Jamie Blaine. “Because if you don’t, you’re not living your own life.” Strauss, who penned off-the-charts hit The Game, and has co-written memoirs with porn star Jenna Jameson and rockers Motley Crue, comes clean about his journey out of the shadows, all covered in his new soon-to-be-bestseller The Truth. Continue reading

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