Marlene McCarty – What Lies Between the Lines


Clara Jane Schwartz, in the cycle Planned Assassination had her father put to death. Marlene McCarty, “Planned Assassination.”

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  1. Falcor says:

    I don’t understand this piece at all and I’m frustrated by it. After viewing the piece, I became interested in the case it was “based” on, so I did some research. I understand that it’s only “based” on that case, and the word “based” is subjective, especially in art, but literally nothing about this piece relates to that case in any way whatsoever.

    The face of the woman on the right sort of looks like the killer, and that’s it. She didn’t dress like that, her friends didn’t dress like that, that’s not her figure, she wasn’t very attractive, her friends involved didn’t look anything like that, and nothing that I’ve found leads me to believe that any of them had a close, physical, intimate social relationship with each other.

    She simply hated her father and wanted inheritance, and used that to convince a (very) young, 18 year old male friend of hers to stab him to death with a sword in their barn. This method of murder was based on a role-playing game that they played together. She was caught due to the fact that she was very obsessed with this idea far before the fact and had discussed it with several of her friends. In the end, four young people were convicted with the murder of Robert Schwartz, and all five people suffered greatly thanks to this woman’s horrendous desires.

    This piece is incredibly frustrating to me, because it depicts a sexy, intimate, three-way set of lovers/killers/70’s porn stars, none of whom look anything like anyone involved in this murder. After researching the reality of the case I’m just annoyed, because I think the truth is far more fascinating than……..whatever this is trying to convey. I would love to know what gives. Thanks.

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