Power Trio: 3 Songs to Validate Your Lady


WHETHER OR NOT we ladies will admit it, we crave validation.  We want to know that we’re good enough, smart enough and, doggone it, people like us.

While our struggle is usually in trying to find said validation within ourselves, oftentimes we are busy, tired, overwhelmed or just lazy and want it from someone else—preferably someone whom we’re ok with looking at us lecherously.

Words can sound fickle and trite when we need to hear them most, so we want this validation in other ways.  We want validation in touch, in tone, in actions.

Let’s face it, when you’re coupled up, it’s pretty easy to let that deliciously validating sauciness fall by the wayside in the face of crying sprogs, dressing the cat up as a Viking or nail-biting episodes of Downton Abbey. So now is the time: grab your lady by the hand (action), hold her close (touch) and make her feel her loveliest (tone), even if it is for only 5:09, 9:04, or even the full 12:20 minutes of these 3 songs of lady validation:

1. “Venus of Avenue D” by Mink DeVille  

It’s Grease with switchblades instead of switchcombs. You, lady, rev engines with your slightest smoky glance. Boys in backrooms talk about you and grunt with approval.  Pride puffs the chest of your favorite drape when the queen is by their side.

Validation: power, desire, pride.


2. “Love Means Never Having to Say You’re Hungry” by Charlie Robison 

Ladies want to know that they’re sexy to you.  And delicious.  If you can’t get as excited, at least once in a while, about tucking into a box lunch at the Y as you would about tucking into a giant plate of bacon or a delicious chocolate cake, then I hereby revoke your membership to the straight men/lovely lesbian lady club.

Validation:  saucy lady, sexy lady, tasty lady, its dinnertime and I didn’t even have to cook!


3. “Little Triggers” by Elvis Costello 

Ladies like details. Some ladies obsess over details. Some ladies obsess over details so much that they need Xanax (yes please!). So they especially like it when you notice the details. And they love it when those details drive you mad.

Validation: thoughtfulness, recognition of efforts, feminine wiles = WINNING!


Stay tuned for a future piece on 3 songs to validate your fella.

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