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Monday Rock City: A Conversation with Eric Spitznagel, author of Old Records Never Die: One Man’s Quest for his Vinyl & His Past

What might possess a person to go looking for their old records? The very same copy of Slippery When Wet that Heather scrawled her phone number on in high school, that Replacements Let it Be from college that still smells … Continue reading

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It’s Either Sadness or Euphoria: The 50 Greatest Songs of Billy Joel

In honor of the pop singer’s 65th birthday, Greg Olear expounds on the musical enigma that is Billy Joel, and reveals the 50 greatest Billy Joel songs of all time. (You may be right; he may be crazy). Continue reading

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Popped Culture #2: The Album You’d Give Anything to Hear Again for the First Time

Each of the Weeklings editors respond to a single pop culture question in this wildly popular parlor game that only has one rule: sheer brute honesty. Continue reading

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The Enemy of Mediocrity is Hilarity

Sometimes satire is the greatest homage as Amanda Nazario discovers listening to My Dick, which takes her from Ween to Billy Joel. And, back. Continue reading

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The Ten Bands I Will be Pleasured With in Heaven

Last week, Sean Beaudoin was in musical hell. This week, it’s the Pearly Gates. Which bands does he like? Hint: there’s no “Tears in Heaven” in heaven. Continue reading

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