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Take My Hand Child, Come With Me: Saved By Classic Rock

Whitney Collins was raised on classic rock…and by a surrogate older brother named Robert Plant. Continue reading

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Goodbye, Cleveland

A life in rock need not be entirely about driving motorcycles through hotel lobbies and snorting cocaine off hookers’ breasts, writes Art Edwards. Continue reading

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Power Trio: Three Songs that Were Cynically Ripped Off, Played Worse Than the Originals, and then Financially Exploited

The intrepid Sean Beaudoin delivers three airtight cases against some of the most egregious, soul-sucking rip-offs in music history. Continue reading

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Power Trio: 3 Songs About Being Young And Disenfranchised Before The Internets

Blaise Allysen Kearsley waxes nostalgic for her Gen X youth. Continue reading

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