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Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One Before

Question: What’s a writer to do in an era where memoirs are assumed to be fictional and novels are, increasingly, considered thinly-veiled cris de coeur? Answer: Deny Everything. Continue reading

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An Excerpt from “Gun Needle Spoon”

A taste of the new memoir, dropping on Tuesday, from the only Weeklings contributor who has ever robbed a bank. Continue reading

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Formerly Edna’s: My House in the Country

When Teresa Giordano bought a country house in the Catskills, she got a lot more than she bargained for. On the everpresent connection between one home and its past, especially on windy nights. Continue reading

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The Dusty Tail, or We Were In Boise

When Timothy Braun’s beloved travel companion Dusty had a bump on his tail, the news was shattering. A story of the hand-drawn stars aligning on the walls of a plastic Elizabethan collar. Continue reading

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Blood on the Hallowed Ground

Ian F. Blair plays a game of basketball with his brother as he recounts the memory of his father’s death in an evocative, pulsing essay about cancer, family, and race. Continue reading

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In Defense of Disco

At its height, the “Disco Sucks” movement drew fifty-nine thousand people to a Chicago stadium to watch a shock jock explode LPs, inciting a full-on riot of mostly white dudes. WTF? Our Robert Burke Warren, who became enamored of disco in the lusty confines of a Catholic school broom closet, writes about the music that arrived at the same time as his teens, and how it inspired him. Continue reading

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Don’t Blame Yourself

“I feel like I’m underwater. Like I’m asleep. I want to be asleep, even as my mouth forms half sentences that my heart rejects.” Continue reading

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