Who We Are

The Weeklings (2012-present) is a web enterprise dedicated to the essay. We seek to push the form and return it to the original meaning of essayer—to try and explore ideas without necessarily knowing where they’ll lead.

We represent the slow food movement of the literary scene. Our diurnal model was conceived as a response to the frenzy of the Internet and the glut of content on many sites.

We cover all aspects of the popular culture, from the mundane to the sublime: politics, art, music, literature, film, sex, lifestyle, memoir, current events, and more.

When we launched on April 17, 2012, our writers wrote once a week, on the same day of every week—hence our name. On November 13, 2016, we became a live archive and stopped accepting new submissions.

That was the plan, anyway. Then Trump won, and we have repurposed the site for use by the Resistance.

For general inquiries, write letters [at] theweeklings [dot] com.



Founding Editors

Sean Beaudoin
Jennifer Kabat
Greg Olear
Janet Steen

Sunday Sermon Editor

Henry Cherry


Jana Martin
Chloe Pantazi
Shelley Puhak

Music Editor

Robert Burke Warren

Associate Editors

Sean Murphy
J.M. Blaine, Music

Minister of Propaganda

Ashley Perez

Contributing Editors

Kurt Baumeister
Lawrence Benner
Whitney Collins
Joe Daly
KP Dawes
Sayantani DasGupta
Litsa Dremousis
Tom Gualtieri
Judy Juanita
Amanda Nazario
Danbert Nobacon
Samuel Sattin
Patrick Wensink