A Summary of the Conspiracy Against the United States

Trump/Russia is the worst political scandal in the history of the United States. This is a summary of who is involved.

Big Picture

Donald Trump and his associates inside and outside his campaign conspired with Vladimir Putin, Russian intelligence, and Russian organized crime to steal the election.

For his efforts, Putin was to receive a blind eye toward his conquest of Crimea, a weakened NATO, the lifting of sanctions against his oligarchs—and, apparently, veto power over key appointments.

Trump and his family would get the aid of Russian hackers in turning the election, as well as other financial to-be-determined considerations, probably debt forgiveness. In addition, kompromat gathered on him during his trip to Moscow in 2013 would not be deployed.


The quid pro quo between Trump and Putin did not emerge out of thin air. A number of intermediaries were utilized during the period of negotiations that began in earnest when Kremlin asset Paul Manafort joined the campaign in March, 2016, and remain on-going to this day.

The Trump negotiation team consisted of: Donald Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner, the president’s son and son-in-law; Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen; then-Senator Jeff SessionsMike Flynn and Mike Flynn, Jr.George Papadapoulos and Carter Page; Blackwater founder Erik PrinceJD Gordon, Sam Clovis, and KT McFarland; Manafort and his deputy Rick Gates; and Indiana governor and transition chair Mike Pence.

Basically, anyone who met with, and failed to disclose, meetings with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak was part of the team.


Russian cyber operatives 1) hacked the DNC and RNC servers; 2) weaponized American social media in key swing states especially; 3) released hacked information at key moments during campaign. They did this in coordination with Trump’s people.

The Trumpist tech team included: Kushner, who helmed the Trump campaign’s social media operation; Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer, each part-owners of Cambridge Analytica; web guru Brad ParscaleRoger Stone, who coordinated with Guccifer 2.0; Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, who has been a Russian asset since at least the Edward Snowden affair; and various FSB-affiliated hackers (e.g., the “13 Russians“).

Fat Cats

Trump was not the only beneficiary of the deal with Putin. His Cabinet is honeycombed with wealthy men and women who gained from dealings with Putin and the oligarchs, or who stood to profit from the lifting of sanctions and/or Trump’s tax policies. Wilbur Ross and Rex Tillerson are the most obvious names here, along with hostile takeover specialist and inside trader Carl Icahn.


This group includes those who became aware of Trump/Russia and actively sought to cover it up, whether by making knowingly false media statements, failing to report illicit activity to the FBI, or otherwise abetting the initial crimes.

In Trump’s circle, this includes: Hope Hicks, Keith Schiller, White White counsel Donald McGahnIvanka TrumpStephen Miller, Seb Gorka, Sean Spicer, Reince Priebus, Anthony Scaramucci, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Sam Nunberg, and Kellyanne Conway.

The “True Pundit Hoax” that forced then-FBI director James Comey to release his notorious memo on Hilary Clinton’s emails, which turned the election, was perpetuated by, among others: Donald Trump, Jr.; former New York mayor Rudy GiulianiErik PrinceSteve Bannon; an anonymous figure known as Thomas Paine; pundit Jeanine Pirro; and Julian Assange.

Members of Congress and other politicians who obstructed justice by attempting to derail the various Russia investigations despite knowledge of the truth include: Devin Nunes, Jason Chaffetz, Dana Rohrabacher, Trey Gowdy, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Chuck GrassleyLindsey Graham, Matt Gaetz, Ron DeSantis, Steve King, and current CIA director Mike Pompeo.

Media personalities who actively disseminate(d) false or misleading stories include: Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Jeanine Pirro, Gregg Jarrett, Alan Dershowitz, Julian Assange, Lara Trump, Mike Cernovich, the Fox & Friends crew, the editorial page of the Wall Street JournalNewt GingrichMike Huckabee, and Alex Jones.

Useful Idiots

Prominent Americans who, wittingly or not, parrot Putinist talking points: Bernie Sanders and Jill SteinGlenn Greenwald and the other Russia skeptics at The Intercept; purists like Susan Sarandon and Cornel West; fallen Democrat Donna BrazileMaggie Haberman and other slipshod reporters at the New York Times; and plenty of well-intentioned people.

This is the scandal of our lifetimes. All of us made mistakes and erred in our judgment. All of us were played.

The key is not to double down on those mistakes, but to learn from them, quickly; to pursue justice no matter what (Dems will ultimately be changed, too, I’m sure); and to save the Republic from Trumpism.

About Greg Olear

Greg Olear (@gregolear) is a founding editor of The Weeklings and the author of the novels Totally Killer and Fathermucker, an L.A. Times bestseller.
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32 Responses to A Summary of the Conspiracy Against the United States

  1. Mich says:

    Love this overview, however where are the Koch Brothers? Fat Cats plus Mercers sister MIA

  2. Mich says:

    Excellent summary just missing Koch Brothers and Rebecca Mercer. Def count under Fat Cats

    • Diogenes Lamplit says:

      Don’t look now Mich but Henry Ford is hiding in your closet and he’s stockpiled 10 kilotons of weaponized Protocols of the Elders of Zion pamphlets under your bed…

      I hope you’ve got lots of benadryl so you can get to sleep tonight.

      Booga booga!

  3. clayton roberts says:

    Lots of names. Lots of innuendo. No connecting of dots. Kind of pointless article. I suspect treason but for the most banal of reasons. Trump either owes russians money or they have sex tapes or some such. The former is the reason trump has not released his tax information.
    The russian social media campaign is interesting but I would argue that standard left and right media outlets (run by the oligarchy) perform exactly the same function. (sowing contention, disunity, disinformation, etc).
    What new information do you have to make the case?
    Also, simply stopping trumpism without genuine non-establishment alternatives will only lead to more Trumpism. Trump is a result of well founded (if sometimes not quite fully informed) anti-establishment resentment.

    • Diogenes Lamplit says:

      “Trump is a result of well founded (if sometimes not quite fully informed) anti-establishment resentment.”

      Is someone finally “getting it”?

      The only thing Putin did or said that had any impact on me ( I not only voted for Trumpner but also contributed what was, for me, a substantial amount of money and did volunteer work on the phones ) was to stage full-scale civil-defense evacuation drills and call back students who were going to school in foreign countries. He’s allowed to do things like that BTW. But when you say “sometimes not fully-informed” you’re saying a mouthful because while those were the only meaningful Russian “collusion” events I doubt one voter in 100 ever heard anything about it.

      One main reason I became an advocate of the election of Trumpner was the disgusting display of crypto-globalist pseudo-conservative vituperation in opposition to his election. I don’t even think the republi-cucks wanted to win. I think they wanted to let their opposite-numbers do the heavy lifting of effecting “globalism” and then when the electorate began to comprehend just how noxious “globalism” really was they could point the finger at the true “useful idiots” in this dance macabre and feign innocence. That’s how it would appear from what they’ve presented us with on the red side of our ballots over the last several decades–loser after loser.

      Romney for christ’s sake? It was a shock when JFK became the first papist President. Given the fact that the very term “cult” was invented to describe JFK’s religious affiliation it was almost a certainty in those times that his election was a result of some sort of election fraud. “Unit Analysis”. So cut&paste in Romney to that same sociological milleu. To most of the electorate who are afflicted to any degree with religion he belongs to an obnoxious pernicious cult. Before they finally migrated to the western lands and set up shop on the banks of the Great Salt Lake they made themselves so unwelcome with their high-handed tactics in trying to take over on smaller-than-national scopes they were run-out. They were literally driven out of Western Missouri at Militia bayonet-point. Earth to LDS: nobody enjoys having their evening interrupted by two of your trench-coat mafias cult “missionaries” banging on the front door. It’s my understanding that when they try that crap in dhimmisrael they’re rounded-up and summarily “shown the door”. Any easily-manipulated minority group those jokers don’t l ike must be bad-indeed.

      And not to marginalize what the Arizonian cancer-cabeza went through in Vietnam I really do think that Trumpner blurted out what we really all thought of McBrain-tumor. That’s Trumpner’s strongest suit—blurting out what everyone is thinking but would never dare say themselves.


      Pure-and-simple one of the biggest reasons Trumpner was being opposed by mainstream political hacks is that he “cut the line”. All the rest of the republi-cucks had gone through “the process”. They’d mounted an orderly, sometimes decades-long, campaign—often almost literallyl at the cost of their “immortal soul” ( integrity )—designed ultimately to put themselves where Trump was threatening to put himself. They resented it. I have a friend who lived for years in NYC and he tells me he’s seen crowds who have been waiting in line for things–like getting on a train—stomp a mud-hole in someone who tried cutting the line. There’s little about Trumpner to which any of his “fellow conservatives” would have had any objection had it not been for the fact he was short-circuiting their little political-hack game-system.

      I’ve felt for decades now that my only choice as a voter was to vote for republi-cucks. In many ways they’re my dire ideological enemies. I don’t like their pandering to the religious right social conservatives. But at least they seemed to have some superficial interest in trying to preserve some of the better principles upon which this society was founded–so long as it yielded votes.. No other possible choice at the ballot box even seemed interested in keeping this a sovereign nationi and in many cases it’s seemed their goals are 180° in opposition to that end.

      My main personal reason for wanting to give the United States of America a oversized icey-cold Trumpnerma was what had ensued when Ron Paul attempted to carry on an actual issue-based campaign against the prevailing bi-partisan trends which are decidedly toxic to the securing of the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. Nothing will get someone’s attention like an oversized ice-water colonic irrigation…

      Ron Paul wanted to talk about true issues confronting our nation and threatening it’s continued survival. What we wound up with was some commie whining about how some cultist wouldn’t publish his income-tax return. And we’re seemingly still stuck on that level of “stupit”

      Every time the poor man would try to broach some actual issue to which the voters ought to have been paying some heed from all sides he was immediately attacked. The main focus of that attack was to charged that his ideas on stopping all foreign aid would ( inicidentally ) cut dhimmisrael off-cold. They all universally defamed him that he must only be suggesting we economize and prioritize our squandering of our public resources solely to “get dhimmisrael”.

      His own partisan brethren were just as eager to marginalilze him as the most vehement leftist news-faquir. As far as I’m concerned he’s the only politician who has emerged in my lifetime who would actually “rate” having his likeness on any of our currency. He’s the only one who could reasonably be said to have a place alongside such worthies as Washington, Hamilton or Jefferson. I won’t insult him by suggesting he be compared favorably with that got-what-he-had-coming ass one sees on pennies…

      I’d gone to my local township caucus. I fully-expected to be the only person there for R.P. But the fact was there were more people there for his candidacy than any of the republi-cuck CAN’Tidates. Of course others all combined equalled his supporters but that’s not the point. From speaking to others I don’t think my caucus experience was all that unusual. As things stood at that meeting what should have been bucked up to the next stage was an endorsement of Ron Paul’s candidacy. But that’s not what happened. What happened was skillful misleadershit prevailinig on those who were ideologically more inclined toward Ron Paul to switch allegience on the principle that we needed a candidate who had a chance of defeating the ( as it turned out successful ) attempt of the incumbent to retain office.

      By the next stage of the process in my county Ron Paul was “out” though I have no doubt that his ideas resonated more powerfully with more of the conservatives than those of any of the CAN’Tidates.

      It was infuriating. What can I say? I don’t like not getting my way. Do you?

      And what did we get? Romney? I did some phone-banking for him mostly on the basis of the fact that the only alternative, at that point, was so much more horrible. It was very very difficult to try to sound positive and up-beat advocating for President Romney. It left a bad taste in my mouth which didn’t go away.

      So when it looked as-if Trumpner might have some sort of a chance my response was to trot out the checkbook and start muttering “okay RINOcucks, bend over, drop trou’ and grit your teeth because here it comes”. Vladimir Putin had absolutely nothing to do with it.

      My worst repidations about Trumpner were nothing to-do with charges of Putin meddling in “our” elections or any possible danger from having a political neophyte in the nation’s most powerful elective office. To me the most daunting aspect of The Donald was the Roy Cohn connection. Trumpner’s long-term political cheerleader Roger Stone was taken under Cohn’s leathery bat-wing for mentoring long ago during the Nixon years. Trump himself sought out Cohn to “fix” problems his father’s business was having with equal-opportunity-in-housing hysteria. That’s a double-whammy. Certainly Roy Cohn was one of the most pernicious and sinister influences on our nation during the Cold War. That did bother me and as it’s turned-out I was right to be bothered about that issue.

      What-the-hell business did Jared Kushner have occupying an office in the West Wing. He single-handedly denied his father-in-law the able and absolutely non-partisan-only-pro-American services of Flynn. That was Kushner’s first and most destructive influence on the national interests. Only now is he having his claws clipped.

      Did any of you Trumpner fans out there vote for Jared Kushner?

      While we’re on the subject of that particular type of baleful influence on our national domestic and foreign policy do any of you find it vaguely suspicious that both major candidates had a daughter married to a synagogue-of-sataneer? How many of you in your personal lives have a daughter whose husband calls her “unclean meat” when in the bosom of his own culture and when she’s not around to hear it? How many of your friend’s daughters are so involved. 100%? I don’t think I’d be going too far out on the limb I’m chopping to surmise the percentages would be nothing approaching 1%. Unless the SoSs are secret polygamists it couldn’t be.

      Yet 100% of the possibilities presented to us on election day on the Presidential line of our ballots were so-compromised. You go ruminate on that for awhile.

      In online BS wars with the hoards of Soros-paid WWWhores I was frequently stating that I didn’t give a damn if President Trump promptly retired to Mar-a-lago to kick back with some Shirley Temples with his feet up doing nothing more than stirring occasionally to walk around the front-9 swatting at golf-balls for the next 4 years if-elected.. And I meant it.

      When it comes to politics I think most honest people would admit that oftentimes less is more.

      I would like it if something I’d joined-into might result in a lasting mark on the earth which might be observed from low earth orbit along our southern border for the rest of time. That would have been a nice little “driving finger” symbol to the rest of the world and in-particular Sorosism.. After all the Chinese could build a 10,000-mile-long symbol of that nature over every type of terrain before anyone ever heard of a bullldozer. Couldn’t we built a 2,000 mile long linear symbol of sovereignty with all our modern technological advantages?

      Evidently not because we’re now slated to piss-away god-knows-how-much to construct an embassy in jewrusalem when we already have a perfectly good one in tel aviv and which will almost certainly be manifested before the first shovel is ever turned on our own anti-intrusion wall ( like the one the dhimmis have had for years now ). You won’t see any protracted series of judicial foot-dragging to Trumpner twisting the noses of 1.6* 10⁹ already-pissed-at-us people in that manner as you have to his so-doing to the 1.2*10⁷ border-busters who gave up their right to mount grievances by the criminal nature of their method of entering our nation.

      You will see Trumpner set up a “Manhattan Project”-style secret weapons effort to find a virus which will selectively kill all muslims before you’ll ever see the southern border wall he promised us completed. And I supported his election.

      The alternative to Trumpner would have been little better in that regard. Instead all infidels ( “gentiles” ) would have been reduced to the status of inmates in a global low-secuity global penal institution whatever their religious affliction status. Live free or die!

      Even though I heard much about making those nations upon whose defense we’d squandered untold billion$ ( if not trillion$ ) pay us back for what we’d squandered on their post WW II defense I really knew that would never happen. After all the first one of these ingrate-nations was having more $$$/mi² lavished on it than we spend on ourselves and due to the “special relationshit” this is simply non-negitiable. . So I knew that, good as it sounded, it would never happen. Just as it could never have happened ( considering the “special relationshit” ) had Ron Paul pulled a rabbit out of his ass-hat and been afforded the opportunity to and then made good on the attempt to have ousted incumbent Frank Marshall Davis Jr.

      But at least we could have begun havinig some sort of serious public debate into such issues. What is it the unwhites likek to say? Free your head and your ass will follow? Ron Paul’s greatest contribution would have been in leading a national debate into areas far-too-long neglected.

      I have to laugh when I hear political pundits and professional political hacks actually discussing this Russian Collusion canard as if it were of any import when there are so many more and worse baleful influences on our national self-interests/determination which make that issue look like two schoolgirls selling overpriced lemon-flavored sugar-water from a folding bridge-table on their parents’ driveway apron. Doesn’t anyone recall when the United States mounted an invasion of Panama and deposed it’s admittedly-less-than-enviable leader simply to intimidate voters in nearby Nicaragua who were about to elect Daniel Ortega? The intimidation succeeded and the pseudo-conservatives got their pyrrhic victory–the election of Ortega meat-puppet Violetta Chomorro. The stuck their thumbs up their Obama-holes and pulled out a turd-mummy and started waving it around excitedly as if they’d really accomplished something shouting “what good-old-boys are we!”

      Try calling customer service for the Target retail chain and have a conversation with that end-result. Be sure to tell them to remember you in their prayers at night to their patron-saint Auguso César Sandino…

      This would be, on our scale, like Putin staging a real-live Red Dawn scenario in Canada or Mexico on the eve of our last Presidential Election. You’d be hard-pressed to find anything done either by official Russian government means or NGO actors there to effect that type of influence over our elections.

      Meanhile we continue to tolerate the 900lb gorilla of the blatant collusion between “our” 4th Estate and the campaign culminating Hillary Rodham’s life-long charge to destroy the very cornerstone of our national success—-to administer her Descabellar to what she’d called the “Empire of the Father” in her early years at university.

      Frankly I don’t give a good goddamn who dug the truth out of what servers. I suspect this was mostly a function of terrified wide-eyed political minions who simply could not believe the depths of the depravity unfolding at DNC and who sought to in some-measure atone for having given their principled well-meant assistance to what emerged once the velvet glove began to tatter and decompose.

      For those inclined to label me a “deplorable” or a “bitter clinger” let me just say ( 1st ) “thank you” for your unintended flattery. Yes I do bitterly cling to my own national culture–even some of it’s less enviable elements. But please remember as well that to so pigeonhole someone who is of a different ilk is precisely what your kind claim to despise when it’s applied to certain easily-manipulated “baskets” into which our nation can be divided against their own common self-interest. But more-to-the-point what I am is someone riding on a ship-of-state which has been circling the maelstrom of historical ignominy most of the 6 decades of his life and who merely sought to try to toss out the sea-anchor to try to give the engine-room crew a little respite to possibly get the engines-of-state a little much-needed attention so they might develop the power they would need to get us out of the maelstrom. That’s all. Trumpner is, at best. He’s a brief respite—some breathing room.

      If you’d like to blame me and those like me for Trumpner that’s fine. I appreciate the vote-of-confidence. But to be perfectly honest I’d have to give credit where credit is due and to suggest that you’d do better to look to the MSM, BLM, NBP, ADL, SPLC, FBI and ( leaving the worst for last ) DNC. Nobody can really make an ass of you. That’s something each of us must do for ourselves. Helpful hint: there’s this item of household furnishings which is a very good investment. It’s called a mirror. They’re not that expensive and, contrary to myth-of-long-standing, can be tolerated by you nosferatu bloodsuckers without serious injury—save perhaps to your lotus-eating narcissistic SJW self-esteem. Just take a deep look in the mirror the next time you want to see Trumpner’s biggest colluder.

      “In the home of the billionaire the only place you can find to spit is in his face”—-Diogenes the cynic

  4. JohnMcTernan says:

    Where are these “pro-Russia articles you allege you”ve seen? Got any links? Another “feature of the grammar of Russiagate appears to be the fact that anyone who asks for (demands) proof of the allegations being so casually tossed around is labeled “pro-Russia by folks like you (You”d think that if Mueller had any real proof that “The Russian Government attacked the Duopoly”s “elections it would be plastered all over the corporate media by now. The best he could do is indict (allege wrong doing by) a second-tier Russian oligarch who wishes to help Putin and hires, on his own initiative, “a bunch of subliterate-in-English trolls,” in Masha Gessen’s words, and pays them the minimum wage to (again Gessen) “post mostly static and sort of absurd advertising,”” And you treat it as the equivalent of Putin’s executing a plan to destroy the American political system.”) write custom essays

    • Diogenes Lamplit says:

      “— ‘post mostly static and sort of absurd ( “?)advertising,” ‘

      Can I offer you a little constructive criticism?

      Sure I can!

      If you’re quoting within quotation marks you use apostrophes for the nested quote.

      I’m just sayin’.

      I know it’s considered rude to correct the grammar or punctuations of others. That’s why I did it. I make mistakes too—I just don’t want to hear about ’em.

      “You can lead a ‘horse’s-ass’ to knowledge but you can’t make him think”—-Diogenes Lamplit

  5. Diogenes Lamplit says:

    Hey Olear!

    Did you mistake this forum for evening at the improv?

    The conquest of the Crimea? Are you serious? That’s been part of what’s traditionally been considered Russia since “dirt”.

    And to try to blame anything the Trumpner camp “promulgated” for Comey’s outrageous white-wash of one of the worst traitors in our national history is simply asinine.

    Both Comey and Lynch worked for a firm that prepared tax returns for the Rodham/Clinton crime cartel during it’s Arkencide phase. You figure it out. Hillary’s “beard” probably really only was discussing trivialities with Loretta Lynch at the airport. He needn’t have mentioned anything more sinister than that when his mere presence would have been more than sufficient to remind her how compromised both she and Comey were.

    What an affront to the electorate you offer in trying to foist these ridiculous distortions-of-fact on readers. Here’s a tip—-you’ll catch moreo Obama-walkers with sugar than vinegar. You might want to stop insulting people when you’re attempting to decompile The Truth and recompile it into malware for the severely-distracted and often inadequately-convoluted frontal lobes of the distributed wetware computing network.

    Babble-on Olear. How much is Trumpner slipping you under-the-table to make critics of him and his administration look so foolish?

    In the bizarro-world you attempt to create and into which you would subert the easily-confused to have a wealthy cabinet member advance his or her personal bottom-line is worse than having a hunk of cosmic debris the size of Crete crash into the sea just to the north of the Yucatan. While I’m not admitting that any such thing is going on even if it were people like that are the dogs in whose hair we’re all fleas so if you had any brains at all you’d want your dog to be doing very well. Wealthy people often tend to grate on my nerves. That-said every decent job I ever had that was worth burning the gasoline to get to every day was provided me by one. So sometimes the dog turns around and gnaws on it’s pelt trying to get at some of us itchy fleas. But in the end where do we get all our blood-meals and who let’s us defecate all over their scalp?

    Earlier I quoted one of the few pieces of actual wisdom I’ve ever heard out of the Dark Brotherhood of Destruction. “Free your head and your ass will follow”. But you’ve managed to form a sort of reentrant feedback loop version of that saying. You need to free your head from your then-soon-to-follow ass.

    “In the home of the Billionaire the only place you can find to spit is his face”. And the only person you’ll ever find who’s likely to put up with you spitting in his face is the Billionaire. That’s because he’s too busy trying to figure out a way to monetize your ingrate impulse to spit in his face to waste time doing to you what most of your peers would if you spit in their face. But of course you don’t have to do that because the homes of most lesser people are little more than spittoons anyway. I myself sleep in a barrel and “spoon” with two dogs.—-Diogenes the cynic

  6. Diogenes Lamplit says:

    “Du-uh! We godda save duh cuntry from Trumpianism’s weakening of duh North Alanic Treedy Organizayshun” ( which was created to protect the euro-peons from a CCCP blitzkreig which is a moot issue now that the CCCP is defunct but don’t confuse Olear with any of those pesky facts… )

    Hey Greg. I heard your friend Alex I-can’t-twist-my-lips-around-the-“J”-word Jones babbling about/misapplying the word “McCarthyism” during the campaign so you’re not the only one who didn’t get the memo regarding the Cold War being over. You’re runnin’ with the big dogs now!


  7. Diogenes Lamplit says:

    Say Greg-o…

    When Flynn made the contact with Kislyak which has become such a tempest in a teapot he was doing so at the behest of that son-of-a-crook who just lost his never-should-have-had-it-in-the-first-place security clearance. The reason is that well-connected dhimmis in dhimmisrael had asked Jared Kushner to try to influence Russia to lay off well-deserved criticism of dhimmisrael for pursuing a Sternist “greater dhimmisrael” national policy and inexorably encroaching into more and more of the lands which were promised the Hashemites ( Jordan ) to be under arab control in return for their assistance in helping britain steal Palestine from Turkey.

    Whatever you think of Flynn ( a life-long demon-rat BTW until he flipped and went with the Trumpner administration in hopes they might relieve the racist politicization of the Pentagon which occurred under the influence of the administration of President Frank Marshall Davis Jr. ) his ouster early-on in Trump’s administration was just as bad an influence on our nation’s stability as anything you’re alleging in support of Mueller’s witch-hunt. But the seed from which this poison-ivy vine grew wasn’t Russian “conquest”. No. It was the back-shelving of our national interests in favor ( once again ) of those of Herzlist-occupied Palestine.

    Maybe you can ‘splain it to us Greag-o. Since Mueller’s witch hunt happily runs off at any non-Russian-collusion tangent when it can harm the current sitting President why is it when his “investigation” has uncovered yet one more instance of the “special relationshit” with dhimmisrael which has plagued our nation for decades does Mueller not take this particular bit in his teeth and run with it? Got any lame-brain ideas on that Greg-o?

    The damage that’s been done to the faith-and-credit with the rest of the community-of-nations upon which any free-trading international trade life-blood of our nation must rely due to our continued ill-advised “special relationshit” with the Armpit of the Mediterranean is inestimable. Henry Ford warned of it. As it turns out he was exactly-on-the-mark.

    When Charles de Gaul took the reins in France he was horrified to find out France had built a nuclear reactor for the dhimmis at Dimona in the Negev Dessert. He refused to allow it to be fueled by France. So do you know where the dhimmis got the plutonium to fuel it? They stole it from our “secure” facilities. If G.W. Bush would hve caught Gaddhafi stealing our fissionables when he caught him with a uranium refinery on skids and in shipping containers in Mandelaland he wouldn’t have had to worry about waiting around for Secretary of State Hillary Rodham to arrange his pre-funereal festivities.

    It goes on and on and on. And now we find out that the Big Guilty Plea in the “Russian” collusion investigation was as a result not of Putin pursuing reasonable Russian interests. No. It was as a result of a bunch of vile lying-every-time-their-lips-move-or-they sign-“their”-names land-pirates infesting Palestine attempting to avoid just consequences for their incessant land piracy…

    But nobody seems to want to “go there”. What’s the matter Greg-o—-scrote a couple of ounces low? See here’s your problem Greg-o. You know you’re safer’n trains ragging on Trumpner because he’s not going to have someone walk up to you on the street someday if you say “the wrong thing about him” and crack a .22 “cap” in your left mastoid. There’s a reason LBJ crawled in a cabinet and hid crying and gibbering in terror once he learned of JFK’s mossassination in Dallas. He was sore-afraid they’d kill him just like they killed that other whore who was in the room with Gerald Bull when they came to mossassinate him.

    That poor floozy didn’t design any superguns for Saddam. She just happened to be handy and the mossassin had some left-over ammo in the gun so what-the-heck? I guess LBJ was well-acquainted with them and their characteristics since he’d knocked around within the beltway for awhile where their baleful influence is so very powerful. LBJ knew that even though he’d had nothing to do with the executive order threatening the ability of dhimmisrael to bleed us dry through the “federal” reserve bank system they might just do to him what they did to another type of whore years later who was cavorting with Gerald Bull just as Lyndon Baines Johnson was cavorting with the hated ( by dhimmisrael ) “papist” U.S. President.

    Why are you so intent on getting us to look up Putin’s you-hole so deeply when it’s really at the Knesset we should be casting a jaundiced eye?

    You really ought to STFU before someone not so nice and civilized as me figures you out. That’s some very sage advice I offer you for your own best interests because I love you Greg-o. You know what they say: it’s a gift to make people laugh whether they’re laughing with or at you. And I need you in my world Greg-o because I need all the laughs I can get the way things are going in these latter days.

    “Hate is just love for the un-lovable”—Diogenes Lamplit

    • Diogenes Lamplit says:

      Whups. Negev Desert.

      Now when are those Arsenal of Genocide stockpling dhimmis going to get their *just* desserts?

      I guess I’m going to have to prepare my posts for this ‘blog in my offline reader and copy/paste to the ‘blog so I have the benefit of inline spell check…

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