Anti-Trump Archive

A smattering of Trump/Russia pieces by Greg Olear:

“How Russia Infiltrated the Trump Campaign and Stole the Election (Abridged)”
TL;DR: Manafort played Kushner, Cambridge Analytica pitched in, they are all guilty.
7 September, 2017

“Compromised: Is Jared Kushner Taking Orders from Vladimir Putin”
: Yes, he is.
21 July, 2017

“Beyond Belief: Trump, Treason, & the Failure of the Imagination”
A rant.
15 June, 2017

“Baby Boom Benedict Arnolds: Six Emerging Villains of the Russia Story”
If you met with Kislyak, you’re guilty.
29 May, 2017

“Trump White House Succession Planning: A Loyalty Day Thought Experiment”
Pence resigns, Senate confirms Evan McMullin, Trump resigns, we all live happily ever after.
1 May, 2017

“The Rosneft Commission: What We Should be Looking For”
Steele dossier says Trump made money on commission of sale of Rosneft, so I’m guessing $270m.
13 April, 2017

“How Deep is Your Treason: The Three Tiers of Trump/Russia”
Admission of Russian hacking, active collusion, quid pro quo.
5 April, 2017

“Meet the Collaborators: A Rogue’s Gallery of Trumpromat”
Who’s who, but with treason.
13 March, 2017

“The Russia Story: Everything Trump Doesn’t Want You to Know”
A look at Trump’s ties to Russian organized crime.
24 February, 2017

“Dah, Donald: Russian Blood Money and the FBI’s Case Against Trump”
My take on the Louise Mensch “Chess” piece, featuring Snowden, Comey, Giuliani, and more.
24 January, 2017

“Trump is a Fascist, This is a Coup, I’m not Normalizing It on Facebook”
The title sums it up.
19 January, 2017

“What Are the Odds of Donald Trump Serving All Four Years of His Term?”
Not good.
13 January, 2017

“How to Get Rid of Donald Trump: An Action Plan”
Eventually his conflicts of interest will be so egregious that people will stop being fooled.
20 November, 2016

“From Russia with Trump”
Trump/Putin is not a bromance; it’s a national security issue.
20 November, 2016

“Trump is a Piece of Shit, and This Disqualifies Him from Being President”
I was not wrong.
8 October, 2016