A Brief Q&A Concerning the Fact that The Weeklings Looks Quite Different Today


Where the superheroes at?

In your Google cache.

Seriously. The site looks totally different.

We like to think of it as the October Revolution. Catchy, right?

I liked the superheroes.

We did, too. But we felt that having superheroes prominently displayed created the impression that the site was either a) about superheroes or b) run by writers who aspire to be superheroes. Neither of which are true. However, as an homage to our former selves, and just to hunker down like swine and root in the irony, our first piece after the changeover is Samuel Sattin’s deep-plunge superhero mash-up. Feel free to dive in, but when you come up for air, everything will be forever changed.

Yeah, it does look more slick. I dig it.

We’d like to take credit, but it’s all David Rainbird. Dude’s a genius.

True dat.

In any case, we feel that the new look is more in keeping with our content and editorial style.

I wanna be your superhero...

Then why “rogue”? That’s a Sarah Palin word. Have you guys gone over to Lord Romney? Are y’all, like, job creators now?

We’re reappropriating the term. Which, we might add, belonged to the X-Men before being hijacked to Alaska.

And isn’t “now people” from an album by Nick Lowe?

It’s an homage to one of our favorite Nicks.

Homage or theft?

Gotta be cruel to be kind.

What’s with all those icons all over the place?

There are seven of them total. As in the seven days of the week. And they all have components of the number seven. Like, one of them is the 7 button on an old-style phone.

Are there other changes we can expect?

Yes! On Sundays, we’re doing something called Sunday Magazine, which will be a series of memoir-style pieces. Robin Antalek is editing this feature, and she’s rounded up some excellent writers: Richard Cox, Ben Tanzer, Caroline Leavitt…it’s good stuff. You’ll see. This will be in addition to the “Sunday in the Park” series where we feature artists we admire and address issues in art. It’s curated by Jennifer Kabat and Megan Whitmarsh and a revolving group of guest editors.

What did you think of the last season of True Blood?

It managed to be both completely ridiculous and highly entertaining, which is hard to accomplish. Plus: Eric. Word.

Boardwalk Empire starts soon.

We’d rather watch The Kardashians’ Family Reunion.

Is that a real show?


I wonder what Paris Hilton is up to these days.


Kim Kardashian used to be her stylist. That’s how she got her break. Unbelievable, right?


Facebook sometimes suggests that I “might know” someone named Ramada Fishkill. Obviously that’s a Ramada Inn located in Fishkill, New York, but I like to joke that Ramada Fishkill must be one of Paris Hilton’s cousins.

Um, is there anything else you’d like to know about the new site?

Yeah…where’s the bathroom?

Down the hall, second door on your right. There’s LimeMate there, if you need it.

Check-out time was three years ago.





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  1. Gloria says:

    Love the new site. Oddly, I Googled Paris Hilton yesterday. It’s like poking a bruise.

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