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Amy Punt is a Recovering Republican and Evangelical Christian who spent the better part of her life in service to God and the Church where she pursued such professions as: “Kingdom-Maker, ” “Church Do-er,” and “Christ Follower.” She failed, despite serving at America’s premier mega church Willow Creek. She then went on to graduate from that bastion of intellectual diversity, Pat Robertson’s Regent University. These experiences have yet to appear in any of her writings, mainly because they are boring. Nevertheless, escaping from this emotionally and psychologically impoverished lifestyle remains her greatest accomplishment to date. Amy has written for Salon and appeared on MSNBC. She lives in Los Angeles, has her M.A. in Filmmaking, and teaches Freelance Journalism and Screenwriting at Rosemont College in Pennsylvania. Amy is also the CEO/Owner of Drill It Down Scripts, a story-consulting firm.

Pins and Needles: The Myth of the Fairy Princess and the Path of Self-Destruction

Amy Punt’s path from self-destruction to salvation, and a new twist on an old fairy tale. Continue reading

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