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Bill Spring is a graduate of Syracuse University’s Newhouse School. In his eclectic and not-very-lucrative career, he has been a cartoonist, actor, standup comic, graphic designer, script and novel analyst, Hollywood punch-up writer, and stay-at-home father. For the past ten years he has been the head writer and senior editor of the PBS Kids website “It’s My Life.” He lives in New Paltz, NY with his wife Jennifer Castle and their two daughters. His fondest wish is to be an unappreciated, alcoholic poet living in a drafty cottage in England’s Lake District.

The Political Issues of 2012, as Presented by Eight Trashy Pulp Novels

Bill Spring’s fully-illustrated pulp fiction list includes such titles as “Outsourced Love” and “Border Patrol Babe.” Perfect for your library or book club. Continue reading

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I Was a Teenage Auteur

Jules et Jim et Bill Spring. Continue reading

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False Witness

It’s not that the politicians are lying, Bill Spring says — it’s that no one seems to care. Continue reading

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If I Ran the Olympics: Ten Simple Solutions for Improving the Games

In which Bill Spring fixes the Games. Continue reading

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