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J.E. FISHMAN (Joel E. Fishman)a former Doubleday editor and literary agent, is the Amazon-bestselling author of the off-beat mystery Cadaver Blues, the thrillers The Dark Pool and Primacy and the Bomb Squad NYC series of police procedural thrillers: A Danger to Himself and Others, Death March, The Long Black Hand, and Blast from the Past. He suggests you read them out of order..

Joel and the Giant Algorithm

Now the literary gatekeeper is a few thousand lines of code. Continue reading

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The Book War that Authors Already Lost

Amazon’s power move on Hachette is hardly unprecedented in the world of publishing, J.E. Fishman reports. Also not new: writers getting screwed. Continue reading

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Bombs Away: A Brief History of Explosive New York

J.E. Fishman, who wrote a book on the history of the New York Bomb Squad, explains that explosions and NYC have always gone hand in Black Hand. Continue reading

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