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Jennifer Gutman lives and writes in New Paltz, New York. She has an MA in English Literature that many have claimed to be useless, but which proves to be inexplicably useful to her every day. When granted the opportunity, she attempts to facilitate "aha!" moments for 18 year olds in writing classrooms at SUNY New Paltz. She attributes her passion for what some might call creative nonfiction to one sentence, written by the inimitable Susan Orlean: “An ordinary life examined closely reveals itself to be exquisite and complicated and exceptional, somehow managing to be both heroic and plain.”

The Ghost of You Lingers: “Furious 7″’s Chance Detour Into Disquieting Depths

WE SAT DOWN just in time for the opening credits. Chugging four Coronas in the parking lot had taken precedence over catching the previews—an expression of solidarity for what we were getting ourselves into. White text zoomed across a black … Continue reading

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