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After many years of resistance, John Tottenham finally sold out to the lucrative, fast-paced world of poetry. He is the author of The Inertia Variations, an epic poetic cycle on the subject of work-avoidance, indolence and failure. His final collection of poetry, Antiepithalamia & Other Poems of Regret and Resentment, a sequence of mean-spirited love poems with particular respect paid to the institution of marriage, was publishedby Penny-Ante Press in October 2012. He is also an old-fashioned paint and brushes man, whose paintings and drawings have been exhibited at galleries in Los Angeles and New York. His last solo show was at the Rosamund Felsen gallery in July, 2012.


Wherein John Tottenham presides over the gentrification of a Los Angeles that may never have existed, along with the attention of a desirable young woman. Continue reading

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