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Jeremy Winter works as a high school English teacher at a private Catholic all-boy’s school in Bergen County about 15 minutes from where he grew up. He played his first professional gig as a musician at age 16 on March 15 1991, at which time the band Senepede, which he had joined as bassist a week earlier, was being courted by an array of vultures, including an A&R man from a fledgling Interscope, who would attempt in vain to turn them into a rock version of The New Kids on the Block. Thankfully, this did not happen. They drastically changed their sound and their name, becoming All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors, releasing independent records to some critical acclaim before breaking up in 1998. Winter has continued to make music under the name Jett Brando, including collaborations with celebrated hip-hop artist dälek and acclaimed producer and industry expert Jesse Cannon. He recently served as an editor and consultant for the book Get More Fans: The DIY Guide to the New Music Business, by Jesse Cannon and Todd Thomas. He is currently working on some short-stories and new Jett Brando material. He lives in Morris County NJ with his wife who also teaches, about 15 minutes away from where she grew up, and close to where All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors once opened for Doug E. Fresh at a roller rink in 1994.

Power Trio: 3 Songs That May Help Make You Feel Like You’re Still Slightly Cool While Pulling Out of the Parking Lot at the End of a Frustrating Work Day

Growing up in New Jersey means that most people will never let you forget it, especially people from New York, and even more especially people who have recently moved to New York from somewhere in the Midwest. Continue reading

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