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Kari Luna is a teen novelist, whimsicologist and wielder of the Hammond Organ in (now defunct) garage bands The Now Time Delegation, This Damn Town, and The Gospel Swingers. Before that she played in The Grown-Ups, a Texas Ska band. She knows about writing, touring in vans, blood on the keys and doing everything with heart. In 2013, she released her debut YA novel, THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, on Philomel/Penguin. Kari would love to play in a band again, she just needs to practice. Meet her at, @wordette on Twitter and on Facebook.

Was It the Boy or the Records?

Wherein Kari Luna discovers that sometimes longing for a boy – and his music – turns into something else. Continue reading

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Debut Novelist or Garage Rocker? You Decide!

Being a writer and a rocker are almost exactly the same thing. Kari Luna, who excels at both, provides a ten-point guide on How To Succeed At Everything. Continue reading

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