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Lenny DeFranco (@ledefranco) is a culture connoisseur who turned to writing when friends asked him to please stop talking. He grew up on the streets of River Forest, IL, a leafy suburb that contains one corner from which an excellent athlete could throw a rock and have it land within Chicago city limits. His passions include The Who and revolutionizing the small talk game. He lives in New York and can be reached at

Step Into the Freezer: “Fuego” and the Tao of Phish

Over the next two months, Phish will play 25 shows in which the new album’s ten tracks will subsume into the most expansive oeuvre in music, like baby sea turtles wading toward the ocean, and try to find their way. Lenny DeFranco looks at the second-greatest jam band of all time. Continue reading

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A Sterling Proposal: Let’s Abolish the Sports Team Owner

A sports franchise is a crown jewel on the balance sheet of some remote industrial baron. But it doesn’t have to be, writes Lenny DeMarco. Continue reading

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