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Peter Mountford's debut novel A Young Man's Guide to Late Capitalism won a 2012 Washington State Book Award, and his second novel The Dismal Science, out in 2014 from Tin House Books, was a New York Times editor's choice. His work has appeared in Boston Review, The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, Southern Review, Granta, Best New American Voices 2008, and elsewhere. He's currently on faculty at Sierra Nevada College's MFA program, and he's the events curator at Hugo House, Seattle's writing center.

The Worst People in America: Chris Hughes and Sean Eldridge

Peter Mountford wrestles around with young scions and dueling boy wonders, Chris Hughes and Sean Eldridge. Continue reading

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Trying to Assasinate My Joy

Peter Mountford laments the hollow victory that is the resurrection of Arrested Development. Continue reading

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Calling Bullshit on a Writer’s Top 10 Excuses for Not Writing

Peter Mountford lays down the hammer. Want to write? You need to read this list. And live by it. No shoes, no shirt, no service. Continue reading

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The Ghost of Scowling Past

Peter Mountford embraces an unexpected parenting method based on the Christmases of his youth. Continue reading

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Madness In The Penguin House

Wherein Peter Mountford examines the “gloriously ungainly” new direction of publishing–the forced merger—and makes friends with a legion of authors with a novel suggestion for compensation. Continue reading

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The Man Who Wasn’t There: A Meditation On Mitt Romney

Wherein Peter Mountford investigates the wealth required to refuse to be famous, and the obliviousness required to die beyond your means. A parable for Election Day and what it has wrought. Continue reading

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