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Ron Dantomine is the longtime staff sports expert for the A renown collegiate athlete, he played two years of football at Princeton, and then went on to sign a contract with the Pawtucket Crabbers of the BDLB baseball league. Ron had short stints as a sports agent, minor league hockey commentator, member of the Brookings institute, and personal trainer at Hot Shots, Santa Monica's premier gym and training facility. After three failed Tommy John surgeries, Ron was forced to begin typing primarily with his left hand. He credits this change with opening up whole new emotional and creative vistas. Bottom line: with his unusual mix of on-field experience and probing intellect, Ron Dantomine is unparalleled in the world of internet sports opinionating and big money prognostication.

Big Ron’s Hall of Fame

Big Ron Dantomine answers your questions on the Hall of Fame, the Patriots, the Knicks, and 138 points. Continue reading

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Election Day Special: Big Ron Talks Back

Who’s the best pitcher of all time? Are the Patriots done? Who’s the world’s sexiest athlete? And, who will win today’s Obama/Romney tilt? Big Ron knows. Continue reading

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JUST SAYIN’, with Big Ron Dantomine

Wherein former semi-professional athlete Ron Dantomine gets his hands dirty examining the cruel underbelly of big money sports. Continue reading

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