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SAM MILLS was born in 1975. After graduating from Oxford University with a BA in English, Sam worked briefly as a chess journalist and publicist before becoming a full-time writer. Sam has contributed short stories to literary magazines and websites such as Tomazi and 3am and written articles for the Guardian and The Independent. One of the founding members of the Will Self Club (WSC), Sam Mills was recently elevated to the position of Sovereign Grand Quiddity Inspector General, the most powerful position in the Selfian hierarchy: link.

Literary Luminaries: Beards, Vaginas and the Avant-Garde Novelist – Part II

In Part II of her two-part essay, Sam Mills ponders why female avant-garde novelists are not as celebrated as their male counterparts. Continue reading

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Literary Luminaries: Gender and the Avant-Garde Novelist – Part I

“Beards vs. Vaginas,” the first of a two-part essay about literary fiction, gender, expectation, media bias, and the avant garde. Continue reading

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Art & Life & Lunch With Will Self

Sam Mills sets out to meet her hero, Will Self, and meditates on food, fiction and second comings, plus the spiritual enlightenment of celebrity culture Continue reading

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