Between Two Franzens

Welcome Thieves is a short story collection I’ve been working on for the last fifteen years. Whether that fact is reflected in the prose could be a matter of debate, but is nevertheless true.

This book trailer was made fully aware of the notion that almost everyone hates book trailers, and even worse, assume they are useless in terms of promoting a book.

I dunno. It was fun to make, and the mighty Algonquin Books paid for it. What else do you want?

Welcome Thieves will be on shelves March 1, 2016.



*Thanks to Ang at Augmented 4th Productions, Growler, and Zack G.


About Sean Beaudoin

Sean Beaudoin (@seanbeaudoin) is the author of five novels, including The Infects and Wise Young Fool. His new short story collection, Welcome Thieves, is just out with Algonquin Books.
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  1. f*ckin new guy III says:

    The bots and I have been examining this posting for content. We have found subtextual residue which exceeds the typical competitive malaise which most “creatives” suffer. The data indicates that your only recourse is to keep writing with particular attention to volume and my needs. Looking forward to the new collection of stories. I’ve order an even bakers dozen to get started.

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