Random Art Generator: RAG ONE


On occasional Sundays, the editors of The Weeklings choose an arbitrary—but not necessarily meaningless—five-word phrase and plug it into Google Images. A chance thumbnail will then be selected and furnished with a paragraph of commentary, finding the nexus where avant meets garde, craft meets luck, impressionism meet intent, and perception meets fiction.

In other words: Capital “A” Art.




I’ve always wanted to write a book of Shakespearean soup recipes and call it Now Is The Winter of Our Consomme. Which is really just a matter of time management. Is it amusing or depressing that with every conceivable digital tool available to us, we can now look back and remember when crude overlays of negatives or double-exposures were considered cutting edge photographic techniques? I assume the reason for the appearance of this photograph is ‘Spiral Architect,’ but it could just as easily be that the Romans long ago declared February the patron month of skinny bare torsos.



If you’d like to join the collective and randomly generate your own art, send a five word phrase to letters@theweeklings.com and we may choose it as the basis for a future RAG. You will receive full credit.


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2 Responses to Random Art Generator: RAG ONE

  1. Angela McGuire says:

    Hey, I love this idea, if I understand it correctly… you randomly generate art based on my five word phrase?
    How exactly is the art generated randomly? By a person(s) making artistic decisions or collectively?
    I will most likely participate anyway but I am curious about the ‘random’ generation aspect.
    Talk soon kick ass Weeklings!!
    Angela McGuire

    • The Editors says:

      Hi, Angela,

      Thanks for writing in.

      The first step is, yes, please supply us with a five-word phrase. We then “generate” an image using Google — that’s the part that’s random — and go from there.



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