Seven People We Don’t Care About This Week: Rizzoli Edition

7. Carly Fiorina
My son has an HP laptop. Loud as a fucking jet engine. That laptop has a better shot at the Oval than you do.

6. “The Deflator”
An album by ZZ Top, innit?

5. Jeb Bush
Sucks when your brother is an epic fuck-up. Somewhere, Edwin Booth is looking at you and nodding his head in sympathy.

4. David Cameron
Now you blokes know what it felt like in New York City in November of 2004.

3. Bruce Jenner
You are to the transgender community what Ronald Reagan was to the league of astrologers: the worst possible exemplar.

2. John Skipper
First the revamped, and now impossible-to-navigate, ESPN NBA page, and now you fire my man Bill Simmons? Screw you, buddy.

1. Kim Kardashian
If there is a God, the Rizzoli book will bomb.


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