Sunday in the Park with Hannah Antalek

Hannah Antalek


HANNAH ANTALEK is a student in the painting department with a concentration in art history at the Rhode Island School of Design. In addition to being a painter she also manages the Gallery Project, a gallery in Providence, R.I., devoted to exhibiting work from students at RISD and Brown University, as well as local and professional artists. Originally from upstate New York, Hannah finds much of her inspiration from the desolate north country.

Artist Statement
My work is an exploration and critique of America that references pop culture and consumerism, as well as social and political issues. In my paintings, I attempt to bridge the divide of high and low art by using tacky colors and cliché or kitsch iconography in contrast with sanctified or stereotypically beautiful imagery. This intentional juxtaposition and visual disparity further aides to reinforce the cynical yet humorous attitude towards my subject.


“Man Did Eat the Bread of Angels”

8’ x 4’ alkyd, acrylic, tempra, spraypaint, crayon, graphite, wax, pa pastel, oil pastel, glitter, chalk and silkscreen on canvas


“Princess Party”

5.5’ x 3.5’ oil, acrylic, glitter and silkscreen on canvas


“Diva Girl”

4’ x 4’ alkyd, acrylic, tempra, spraypaint, crayon, graphite and silkscreen on canvas


“All American”

2.5’ x 4.5’ alkyd, oil, spraypaint, crayon, graphite and oil pastel on canvas


“Bigfoot, The Legend of”

oil and acrylic on canvas and found boards (wood, laminate, particle) 10’x4’



“Glut #2”

18”x24” oil, acrylic and glitter on canvas



5’x4’ acrylic and tempera on canvas



20”x14” oil and acrylic on board


“Self-Portrait with Mask”

18”x14” oil on board



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