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Max was one of my most influential teachers I had at SVA. I am extremely lucky to have to studied with Max and to have listened to his advice. He recently published a retrospective of his work. If you are an artist, or a fan of art–no, GOOD art–or if you are the kind of human that enjoys beauty, you need this book.  -LC


Max Ginsburg (Photo: E. Rhoads)

Max Ginsburg (Photo: E. Rhoads)

Max Ginsburg has exhibited extensively. He recently had a retrospective at The Butler Institute of American Art, Sept. 15- Nov 11, 2011, and at the Salmagundi Club in the summer of 2011. He has won many awards, most recently the “Best in Show” in the Art Renewal Center online competition of 2011 for his “War Pieta” painting. Two of his paintings, “Bus Stop” and “War Pieta”, will be touring five museums in China with the World Art Museum and ACOPAL in 2012. He was one of America’s foremost illustrators, 1980-2004. He has taught art for over 40 years including at the Art Students League and SVA. Ginsburg has recently published a new art book, Max Ginsburg – Retrospective, a look at his paintings from 1956 to 2010

Artist Statement

I have lived and worked in New York all my life. As a New Yorker, I feel a personal and deep connection to this rich, energetic and beautiful city with its amazingly diverse population. My objective is to paint about the people of New York, realistically and with compassion.

I have expressed my strongly held feelings about peace and justice; deep outrage to war, injustice and torture are conveyed in some of my paintings. With regard to these themes, I have been inspired by Old Masters such as Caravaggio, Goya, Kollwitz and Picasso.

I choose to paint realistically because I believe realism is truth and truth is beauty. I derive an aesthetic pleasure in skillfully done realistic drawings and paintings. I believe that realism can communicate ideas strongly and it is this communication that is extremely important to me.

– Max Ginsburg


“Hebrew National”

Oil, 2001
3′ 10″ x 36″


7″ x 10″



11″ x 14″


“Peace March”

48” x 70”



45” x 54”

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