Sunday Light and Word – Radishes as Big as Diamonds



Another march



There were jobs to be had because kitchens paid shit and people quit in the flash of anger. I ended up making poached eggs in the Castro.

In the afternoons, I’d grab some grassy knoll in Dolores park. But it was cold. The people I knew worked two jobs, sometimes three, unless they sold pills. I wanted the job one of our roommates had with the Canadian animal-less circus, washing dishes for staff meals. But it never happened.

The one thing, the best thing about the place was a now long closed taqueria the size of a postage stamp that served burritos with a clay pot full of water and radishes. I was a vegetarian only because that burrito cost the least and fed me for a day and a half. And remembering a line my old man told my mother- stick with me kiddo, I’ll give you radishes as big as diamonds, made me like the place in a homesick kind of way. It shouldn’t have been any┬ábit of a surprise when I asked for a plane ticket home and he told me to ride the bus.




by Hank Cherry

About Hank Cherry

Hank Cherry works as a photographer, filmmaker and writer in Los Angeles. His work has appeared in Slake, Southwestern American Literature, Poydras Review, and The Los Angeles Review of Books and he writes a column about the history of jazz for Offbeat. He is in post production on his first full-length documentary.
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