Sunday Sermon – Ribbon Theory






Hank Cherry Nov 19 9 Frame





Someone was talking about how to be in the present, and I started thinking of a phrase, be here now. Started telling it to people and using it like a tie-up phrase, a ribbon to wrap ¬†situations with so they can be packaged. Only it wasn’t my concept, it was this hippie philosopher’s concept, and he’d changed his name to something really strange, whether it was from too much LSD, I’ll never know. But I liked the concept, so even if he came up with it first, it mattered to me long as I could keep distance between ideological impertinence, and visual simplicity. Wendell Berry wrote an essay about photography. In it he said, “if…we do not know the country and its landmarks, if we are unable to see where we are in relation to it, then we lose it…” And that’s a better ribbon than most people ever get.





by Hank Cherry 




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