The Poetry of “Doctor” Ben Carson

Ever since I was turned on to the work of the seminal poet D.H. Rumsfeld, I hoped I could one day assemble a chapbook of my own poems. Here is what I have so far:



As a doctor, I spent many a night
Pulling bullets out of bodies.

I would not just stand there and let him shoot me.
I would say, “Hey guys,
Everybody attack him. He may shoot me,
But he can’t get us all.”

This senseless violence is breathtaking.
But I never saw
A body with bullet holes
That was more devastating
Than taking
The right to arm ourselves away.

If everybody attacks that gunman,
He’s not going to be able
To kill everybody.
But if you sit there and
Let him shoot
One-by-one, you’re all going to be dead.

Maybe these are things that people don’t think about.
It’s certainly something that


Would be thinking about.

As a doctor, I spent many a night
Pulling bullets out of bodies.

The great political poet since Rumsfeld.

The greatest political poet since Rumsfeld.

About "Doctor" Ben Carson

"Doctor" Ben Carson is running for president, which is only slightly less ridiculous than the fact that he ranks second in the polls (that Donald Trump is first in the polls is most ridiculous of all). These are "Doctor" Ben's actual statements. Not one word was changed.
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One Response to The Poetry of “Doctor” Ben Carson

  1. e.e. says:

    that’s just a snippet of gifted hands’ daily cuckoo
    you would think it absurdist performance art
    but it is all earnest.
    trust him, he’s a doc.

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