The Week in Bad Poems: Hillary Clinton Edition


Rand Paul
Will beat them all.
Ted Cruz
Cannot lose.
Jeb Bush
Will kick tush,
And kill anyone who is killable
(And that means you, Hillary.)
…or will he?
No. Every GOP candidate
Will meet the Al Gore fate
Unless they choose to nominate
Someone whose name has more than one syllable.
Like the guy…the one from Florida…you know,
Marco Rubio.



What some movie star looks like
Dressed as a superhero, usually,
From a comic book I last read
In nineteen eighty-three.

Another dumb celebrity
Apologizing for a tweet.
“I’m not like that. That isn’t me.
I’m actually quite sweet.”

The pay-for-play cop ending
The unarmed black man
Who, when pulled over, ran —
That’s not trending.

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