The Weeklings Tarot Forecast Benefit for 2015



What is this hocus pocus?
Tarot has a long and interesting history, and has always been a topic of fascination for writers. Here, read the great Alexander Chee’s excellent piece about his turn as a tarot reader.

What is it, exactly?
We shuffle the deck and focus on you. Then we will draw five cards. The first two cards represent the year’s conflict. The third card is a receding influence. The fourth is an influence that will increase in power in the next 12 months. The fifth card is how the year will ultimately play out. You’ll receive an email revealing the five cards and what they mean.

Is it legal?
I am writing this from my own island off the coast of Mauritania, so yes. But I do believe that under U.S. law, we are bound to tell you that this is for entertainment purposes only, we can’t actually predict the future (beyond Bush vs. Clinton in 2016), we have no truck with the Dark Lord Satan, etc.

And this only costs ten bucks?
Yes! A bargain, right?

And all proceeds go to The Weeklings?
Also correct.

How do I get started?
Log into your Paypal account. Send $10 to bank [at] theweeklings [dot] com. In the little message field, write your email address and any specific area you’d like the forecast to focus on (romance, career, health, etc). We’ll do your reading and get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks for your support!





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