Astrological Forecast for April and May 2016

My name is Andy Kessler and I am an astrologer. The tale of how this came to pass is probably not so interesting. However,  for now I’ll just say this: if astrology seems utterly outlandish or ridiculous to you, perhaps we ought to have a little talk.

Astrology is essentially a word for ancient oracular wisdom traditions (often termed divination) in the form of complex symbol systems, where meaning is derived from examining the correlations between cosmic and earthly events. Astrology emerged as an expression of humanity’s deepest connection with what was experienced (for most of history and pre-history, pretty much) as a living cosmos, filled with significance and permeated with intelligence and order. In this sense, it’s no different than other symbolic knowledge systems that have been developed by traditional peoples and cultures all over the world, in every conceivable epoch. Today such tools are often accessed by individuals in search of guidance, meaning, and psychological and spiritual kinds of knowledge.

Sun-sign astrology, or what most folks access via “horoscopes” they read in weekly columns, online, etc., is, to my mind, typically a debased form of the art that bears little in common with the real deal. That said, there are some outstanding astrologers who are great at it and whose horoscope columns are definitely worth reading. Although in the past I’d never wanted anything to do with Sun-sign astrology, I recently decided to try my hand at it, as a potentially interesting experiment.

This spring, some of the most significant astrological events we’re going to be dealing with include the retrograde cycles of several planets: Mercury, Mars, and Pluto. And this begins in mid to late April while Jupiter and Saturn are still in their retrograde cycles. Basically, what this portends for everyone—but especially those whose Suns are in the Zodiac signs Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Gemini—is it would be wise to expect the unexpected. This spring is also a time in which people and events from the past are likely to re-emerge in order for things to be reconsidered, re-negotiated, and re-integrated. Yes, that’s so very general, I know. Yet that’s the nature of Sun-sign astrology.





If hidden surprises happen to emerge now, they’ll require extra-conscious efforts to absorb and deal with openly and honestly. Can you take responsibility for having created, at least in part, any difficult situation that remains problematic or unresolved? Complete commitment to the truth with respect to others will be part of the answer, but don’t neglect to find time to withdraw and look within. Make this a time of reflection and observation instead of action. Efforts toward inner stabilization and liberation will help you prepare for any necessary shifts that occur externally.


By chance are you being haunted or daunted by idealizations regarding love? How about wounds from the past? I know incipient possibilities to move forward might seem unrealizable right now. But around the 14th – 18th opportunities for union and healing may arise. With Mercury in retrograde motion in your Sun sign through most of May, proceed slowly and with deliberation in order to grasp things clearly, especially anything to do with intimacy and/or children. May could abound with stronger emotions and heavier situations than usual. Might the real questions be, how willing are you to commit to self-love, to increasing your self-reliance, integrity, and lovable qualities to find what you really want?


The path to victory may not be in sight yet, for it is obscure, not apparent. If you’ve been trying to reconcile two or more things that are incompatible by nature, if there has been avoidance of reality or escapism, well, Dude—this aggression will not stand. But don’t give in to fear of the apparent forces marshaled against you—once their nature has been properly understood, their power shall diminish. Are they enemies, or rather, do they symbolize what you’ve cast aside as unacceptable, that’s actually part of you? It’s imperative to do everything you can at this time to care for your health, both psychic and physical. And love might save you, perhaps in May. Yeah, I know this is cryptic. But really, I’m on your side, Dude.


It may be you’ve been having more than mere intimations of what may be your next possible direction. Are you seeing colorful pictures of the new pathway? It’ll probably work like this: the time to make forward strides will arrive, but there are also going to be some birth pangs. Some of these will involve getting real about how you can be creative again and lay foundations for the life you want—and this will be commensurate with your ability to commit to repairing some stuff that’s been allowed to fall into disarray, largely because it was too scary to deal with. Imminent confrontations with new truths always involve openness, analysis, and courage. You can do this.


Imagination is the field of reality. And at this time, more than most, how you imagine the past (especially any recent losses) may have strong affects upon the future for quite some time. A revisiting of issues related to inner and outer security is looming on the horizon; you might choose to think of them as lessons that have been given to you to impel your further growth. Could it be helpful to tell yourself that any obstacles that have seemed immovable for some time, have been placed in your way to help you gradually learn to distinguish between that which is ephemeral and that which can actually last? You don’t need to be able to determine which is which yet.


This period is initiatory. And more than anything, for you it’s about being initiated into greater portions of the truth, things that were previously unknown. Recent events related to partners and home, and especially your inner life, may have been more confusing than normal. The time might be right to embark on exotic journeys, far and wide, into uncharted realms of consciousness. If you can manage to do this with the intention to become connected to that which is eternal and wise, so much the better. Seek guidance in finding the missing pieces. You can begin thinking about how to re-assemble them later.


Perhaps it feels as if disappointment and even betrayal may have reared their hideous heads. Things may have been taken too far this time. If this is the case, you have my complete sympathies. When it came down to it, in the end it could be you’d been at a distinct disadvantage for a while, and didn’t understand what to do, although your heart was in it 100%. Accept your past decisions and let it be; it’s time for some spiritual healing now. I recommend looking into what has been called mind training; you can learn to work with your thoughts now so as not to become their victim.


In the course of our lives we all need to expand and at times acquire things in the attempt to develop and stabilize feelings of security. If we didn’t, we couldn’t survive, or our lives would become stagnant, or tear and fray until they fell apart. This attempt to become secure might encompass things such as the pursuit of sustenance, shelter, love, possessions, and desires and relationships of all varieties. Sometimes, though, we can mistake acquisition or possession for authentic growth. Right now, the more you can forgo this behavior, the more beneficial it’s going to be. This will also help tremendously as you transform into who you’re meant to become. I know it may be tough to limit desire for a little while, but in the end you’ll emerge far stronger.


“With great power comes great responsibility,” as the saying goes. During this period of restructuring, try not to let imbalanced self-criticism lead you astray and diminish your power. Your responsibility at this time should also be associated with maintenance: just being, without taking too much on, will facilitate healing, as will releasing that which no longer serves you. You may feel blocked for a while, but just try to breathe in deeply and don’t resist. By the second week of May, there should be some visible signs of progress.


Few people may possess as keen a sense of the tragic, of loss, irony, and utter despair, as you right now, even as you’re trying to keep the heaviness to yourself as best you can. However, it’s imperative not to take on more than your share of any blame or guilt for perceived “mistakes,” or if certain situations have not turned out as planned. This is but a prefatory stage for better things to come later on, although it may be nearly impossible to allow yourself to accept that possibility at this time. I know it sounds lame and excessively sanguine, but expressing the grief will have medicinal properties. And Capricorns shall rise to crush again.


Plans for the future could take a while to get on track, and there may be unforeseen obstacles ahead. Despite this, try not to allow it to make you feel disenchanted with the future you’ve envisioned, or the folks close to you. There are times when we need to go backward in order to evolve, especially when it may provide us with the opportunity to re-do something that wasn’t settled completely in the first place. A quote from a wonderful spiritual teacher I know might help: “Sometimes it’s really hard to understand why things happen, and why people do the things they do. Don’t concern yourself with other people’s minds; work instead with the mind you were given.”


At the end of a major work, the magnificent French scholar of Islamic esotericism, Henry Corbin, quoted a 13th century Sufi poem in which the poet described his longing for a transcendent, yet apparently absent, experience of God’s love. Corbin wrote:

“Sa’di, one of the greatest poets of Persia, who was also a great mystic, but not among the greatest, expressed this best in a few poignant verses:

If the sword of your anger puts me to death,
My soul will find comfort in it.
If you impose the cup of poison upon me,
My spirit will drink the cup.
When on the day of Resurrection
I rise from the dust of my tomb,
The perfume of your love
Will still impregnate the garment of my soul.
For even though you refused me your love,
You have given me a vision of You
Which has been the confident of my hidden secrets.”

Now don’t be sad or afraid. My intention was to simply suggest that during this lifetime, you are meant to evolve and experience a similarly spiritual approach to love. And it’s going to be bound up with knowledge about freedom.


face mahakala


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