boon_2_3_Surreal-2WEBrummaging in the hole, fugacious flowers anguilliform, poltroons and pismires, sleek grimalkin on the hills and all thirstland pismires, little bawbee in the bergschrund, careened off craggy wall, billows of spitchcocks, and although we sang out coprolalia of not-knowing, a chiliad off craggy wall, billows of brimstone, toplofty as to drink cerulean eviternity of not-knockers, our sweet benthos, florid blathers and we sang out coprolalia from sun and the bergschrundburdock-cropAnd1more_Surreal-2DARKWEBthe descent, yours is the mothers, rummaging in the motherslike, to the predawn, you leapt to the bottom of your shadowy sewer, told cerulean eviternity toplofty and a chiliad off craggy walls, yourself hunted the relucent glass dark catoptromancies, charity of not-knowing
mouse-electron-womanBLEND2WEBriferous, you dight swarmed around a chiliad of stars, fathers at the lake, erubescent glass dark catoptromancies, given unrelenting cacoethes, took us under the hills, and leapt into the dwaal of not-knowing

About Lawrence Benner

Lawrence Benner squandered his early years as a punk guitarist and chapbook-slinging street poet in the Mission District of San Francisco. He did a decade as a subway musician in ex-Communist East Germany, worked as a zusammenfassung schreiber for the legendary Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz in Berlin, and went on to write, produce, and direct three failed low-budget films for the independent production company Buried Pictures. (In reference to his 2002 film, Ether, actor Willem Dafoe scribbled, "Liked it" on a yellow Post-it note.) Mr. Benner has been a Weeklings contributing editor since 2012, and when he isn’t writing this bio, he can be found hard at work on his debut novel, Memorial World. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina with his common-law wife and three insubordinate cats.
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