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Reporter Carmen Gentile has covered the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and is currently reporting along the Turkish/Syrian border. In 2010, he was shot in the face by a rocket-propelled grenade in eastern Afghanistan. Following a lengthy recovery, he resumed embed reporting. His forthcoming book, “Kissed by the Taliban,” is about that experience. Visit

How to Prepare the Press for War

Winnow the ranks, distract him, then catch him off-guard: rules for the next Trump press conference. Continue reading

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Who’s Responsible for Trump winning? Me, of course

Carmen Gentile finds out firsthand what the big news outlets do when you speak out against Trump. But he won’t keep his mouth shut anymore. Continue reading

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Dirt Cookies: The Less-Than-Sexy Side of Conflict Reporting

Conflict journalist Carmen Gentile gives an irreverent look at “war-zoney” reporting in Afghanistan. Continue reading

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