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Dirt Cookies: The Less-Than-Sexy Side of Conflict Reporting

Conflict journalist Carmen Gentile gives an irreverent look at “war-zoney” reporting in Afghanistan. Continue reading

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‘All the Foreign Ladies’: The Case Against Saving Global Women and Girls

Why is it we think women in Afghanistan or Iraq or anywhere they might wear a veil need saving? Sayantani DasGupta looks at the irony in saving women with bombs and drones. Continue reading

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A Short History of the Smart Lie

Smart lies, says Danbert Nobacon, are the constituent particles that make up the fog that is carefully crafted to prevent us connecting the real political dots, ensuring the continued protection of power. Continue reading

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Blowing in the Wind, Massoud Hassani’s Mine Clearer

Massoud Hassani lost his toys to mine fields as a child. As an adult he took matters into his own hands and designed something like his toys to solve the problem. Continue reading

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