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Janine Canty's parent’s version of her story insists that she was born with a book in her hand. She's been writing since around the age of 11. When she had to write a short story for English she created a man with crazy eyes, and scraggly, yellow teeth. Yep. Scraggly. She cringed. The teacher told her she had talent. A would-be writer was born. Janine's work can be seen over at The Manifest-Station. She is also working on a YA novel and hopes to have it completed sometime before Alzheimer's sets in. She works in a busy nursing facility in Northern Maine. Loves Facebook, Scrabble, and her grandbabies. Kind of dislikes Twitter, and obnoxious e-mail forwards

Don’t Blame Yourself

“I feel like I’m underwater. Like I’m asleep. I want to be asleep, even as my mouth forms half sentences that my heart rejects.” Continue reading

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They Never Laid A Hand On Me

“A few weeks ago I went on vacation to Delaware. To swim and laugh and fight with my crazy as hell family. We ate barbecued chicken. We got sunburned. We threatened to kill one another over a game of cards…” Continue reading

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