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The Sun’s Own Room

Jordan Rosenfeld’s dad was a dealer. Selling pot in amounts that could have put him in federal prison. The money bought designer clothes, cars – and decades of uncertainty. Continue reading

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They Never Laid A Hand On Me

“A few weeks ago I went on vacation to Delaware. To swim and laugh and fight with my crazy as hell family. We ate barbecued chicken. We got sunburned. We threatened to kill one another over a game of cards…” Continue reading

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Away With Dusty, or The “Supreme Fiction”

In part III of Timothy Braun’s road-trip adventure with his dog Dusty, he heads up the West Coast in search of family and lost friends, finding something deeper about the Supreme Fiction – and life. Continue reading

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Something Happened

Back in Hagerstown, Md, Michael Gonzales finds something like the African-American Last Picture Show waiting for him… Continue reading

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A Fete Worse Than Death

In which Alex Clark wonders why Martha Stewart makes such a fuss about it. Continue reading

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