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James D. Irwin was born in Swindon, England in 1989. He is a graduate of the University of Winchester, with a degree in Creative Writing. His writing has appeared online, in print, and on stage. He can be contacted at

The Coalition Will Not Be Televised

From across the pond, James D. Irwin breaks down the imminent British election for those of us in the U.S. Continue reading

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Some That You Recognize, Some That You’ve Hardly Even Heard Of

James D. Irwin on the strange parallels of Veronica Lake, Preston Sturges, and reclusive Simpsons writer John Swartzwelder. Continue reading

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Are You Ready for Some Football: An Introductory Guide to the English Premier League

Great Britain’s own James D. Irwin breaks down the EPL teams for the casual American fan. Continue reading

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The Outsiders: Goalies, Writing & Existentialism

For the World Cup Final, James Irwin on the weirdness of goalies. Or: why so many writers (Camus, Nabokov) have served in soccer’s goal box. Continue reading

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The Magic of Christmas

James D. Irwin is a believer. Continue reading

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