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A recent finalist for Notting Hill Editions’ Essay Prize, Jennifer Kabat (@jenkabat) is working on a book called Growing Up Modern, exploring art, ideology and the landscape from the modernist suburb where she grew up to the Western Catskills where she lives now. She’s been awarded a Creative Capital/Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant for her criticism and teaches at NYU. She contributes to BOMB, The Believer and Frieze and was once an editor at the legendary style magazine The Face in London.

The Worst People in America: Barack Obama, Bringer of Drones

What is the difference between West Baltimore and Western Pakistan? Drones and American policing at home? Jennifer Kabat on Obama and his “signature strike.” Continue reading

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The Small Often Vague Things – Kate Newby’s Radically Slight Art

What happens when language fails us? When words are just poor approximations, and they smooth over the weird and wonderful. Meet Kate Newby, whose art can be radically slight, and is failed by trying too hard to describe it. Continue reading

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Lynne Tillman Will Save Your Life

Over the next two Sundays, we’ll be running pieces by the great Lynne Tillman. This is Jennifer Kabat’s introduction to one of the finest essay writers of our age. Continue reading

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The Plagiarist is Present: Thoughts on Art, Theft, Shia, Marina and Jay-Z

What do Shia LaBeouf, Marina Abramovic and Jay-Z have in common? Or, Jennifer Kabat asks, when does a copy become a theft? Plus Big Foot and China and abstract painting… Continue reading

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I Love New York, Crazy City: The Triumph of Isa Genzken

Tragedy and triumph in New York about New York – Jennifer Kabat on Isa Genzken’s hallucinatory take on the city and the world at MoMA. Continue reading

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Auctioning Off Utopia

From Christie’s to Chandigarh in India, Jennifer Kabat traces the trafficking of chairs as art in Amie Siegel’s film Provenance. Continue reading

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I Sell The Shadow: Civil Wars at the Met

Two Civil War shows at the Met make Jennifer Kabat wonder how the unspeakable nature of war gets translated into art. And what we gain and lose. Continue reading

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