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Samuel Sattin (@samuelsattin)is the author of League of Somebodies, a debut novel about one family’s efforts to create the world’s first superhero. (Spoiler: It doesn’t go so well.) Imagine The Doom Patrol cross-pollinated with Philip Roth and then remixed by Mel Brooks. The novel is currently available in paperback from Dark Coast Press; Audible released the audiobook, performed by John Keating, earlier in 2013. Sattin is 31 years-old and lives in Oakland with his wife. His work has appeared in Salon, io9, Kotaku, and The Good Men Project. He’s currently a contributing editor at The Weeklings.

Five New Originals from Shia LaBeouf

We at The Weeklings have obtained five projects LaBeouf currently has in development. Continue reading

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The Super Robot Solution

Super robots and giant evil monsters are destined to clash over dominion of planet earth: Sam Sattin on a new $2 million comic book prototype. Continue reading

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Separate But Equal

From Bubble Bobble to Bioshock Infinite, Samuel Sattin explores the evolution of modern gaming, and how it’s come to share in a tenuous relationship with its cousin in cables: film. Continue reading

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Escape from Computer Barn

In which Samuel Sattin takes his job and shoves it. Continue reading

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What Would Godzilla Do?

In this new segment, thermonuclear destroyer of Tokyo provides his take on current events, controversies, and the arts. Continue reading

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Capes of Wrath

The stuff of comic books is essentially a raw, undiluted breed of native magical realism, American in origin and as ingrained in our culture as jazz, baseball, or the WWE. Samuel Sattin discusses comics, masculinity, and his debut novel, League of Somebodies. Continue reading

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The Man Behind The Curtain

Charles Krafft, an avowed white supremacist, flew under the radar of the national art scene for years under the guise of a postmodern iconoclast. Now he’s been exposed. But why did it take so long? Why weren’t we willing to listen close enough? Continue reading

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