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Timothy Braun is a writer living in Austin, TX with his tomato plants, ukulele, and his dog, Dusty. He is a judge for the Kids PBS GO Writers Contest, a fan of the Indianapolis Colts, and George is his favorite Beatle. Follow him on twitter @timothybraun42, and his adventures with Dusty using #awaywithdusty. Learn more at

The Dusty Tail, or We Were In Boise

When Timothy Braun’s beloved travel companion Dusty had a bump on his tail, the news was shattering. A story of the hand-drawn stars aligning on the walls of a plastic Elizabethan collar. Continue reading

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Away With Dusty, or Room 2: The Story Suite

In the last leg of Timothy Braun’s road trip with his dog Dusty, the pair cross the Rocky Mountains, meet a rock star in yuppified Boulder, choose love over ghosts and celebrate with a bone-shaped cake. Also starring Spider-Man, Haruki Murakami, Thurston Moore, and a horse named Katy. Continue reading

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Away With Dusty, or The “Supreme Fiction”

In part III of Timothy Braun’s road-trip adventure with his dog Dusty, he heads up the West Coast in search of family and lost friends, finding something deeper about the Supreme Fiction – and life. Continue reading

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Away With Dusty, or You Are Responsible, Forever, For What You Have Tamed

In part II of Timothy Braun’s road-trip adventure, he and his loyal(ish) dog Dusty hit the road to Santa Barbara and points north – from football to tattoos, Louie CK to gun violence. Continue reading

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Away with Dusty, Discovering America… With a Dog.

Today Timothy Braun starts his travels across America with Dusty, his dog, by his side to coax love from the likes of the Suicide Girls in Austin at SXSW… Continue reading

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