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Russia: Why You Gotta’ Hate?

Putin is not Russia. Continue reading

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Thom Jones: The Pugilist at Rest (in Peace)

Thom Jones was not a one-shot wunderkind so much as a career scrapper who banged back at a world intent on beating the shit out of him. Continue reading

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Protecting Pop’s Pilloried Plagiarists

It’s the sincerest form of flattery, and it’s not going away, but imitation as a means of creation does not enjoy the acceptance it once did. What once was homage is now plagiarism. Guest Weekling Charlie Clissitt goes to bat for practitioners of the age-old art of looking over the shoulders of giants. Continue reading

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Fender Jazz

I had only recently discovered the glories of a naked body entwined with mine and, like every sex neophyte since time began, I had figured nothing would ever compare. I was wrong. Continue reading

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U2: All That You Can’t Leave Behind

Everyone else may hate U2, but Kurt Baumeister will always love them in spite of themselves. Continue reading

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Mourning Becomes Leonora: For a German Shepherd

She is my walk through Brooklyn, my arm toss in the park, my sit on the stoop, my weekend up in the country, my never alone, my not going to die for such a long time it feels like forever, my Lee. Continue reading

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Bob Dylan’s Lover: Imagined

What happens when Bob Dylan starts talking to you about the woman he loves? Darren Anderson channels it here. Continue reading

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