Peace on Earth


10 Minutes – Length of time Adam Lanza was shooting

90 (more than) – Number of bullets shot

38 – Number of mass shootings in 2012

$50,000 – Average cost of medical treatment per homicide shooting victim

$2.3 Billion – Total lifetime medical costs for gunshot injuries (as of 1999)

$6 Million – Those medical costs per day

49 Percent – Amount of those lifetime medical costs paid by taxpayers

20 Percent – Number of gun owners with 65 percent of the firearms in the US

36,000 – Number of guns thrown away each year

16,808,538 – Number of applications to purchase guns in the US from January – November 2012 from legal dealers (does not include gun shows or private sales)

5X Amount this could arm every NATO member state’s armed forces

88.8 – Number of firearms per 100 people in the US

80 – Percentage of firearms deaths in the 23 wealthiest countries in the world that are in the US

86 – Percentage of firearms deaths in the 23 wealthiest countries that are US women

87 – Percentage of firearms deaths in the 23 wealthiest countries that are US children under the age of 14

1 Percent – Number of gun dealers that account for almost 60 percent of guns used in crimes and recovered by police

30,000 – Average number of guns lost annually by gun dealers

22X – Likelihood a gun in the home will be used for a suicide than for self defense

7X – Chance a gun in the home will be used in a criminal assault rather than self-defense

200 – Number of annual legally justified self-defense homicides

90 Percent – Number of succesful suicide attempts with a gun

3 Percent – Number of successful suicide attempts with drugs or knives

44,500 – Number of annual gun injuries from assaults treated in emergency rooms

94 – Percentage of police chiefs favor requiring criminal background check for all handgun sales

87 – Percentage of non-NRA gun owners supporting background checks of gun purchasers

4,100 – Average number of women killed annually with guns

4.6 – Percentage increase in suicide risk for women in a house with a gun

3.4 Percent – Amount the homicide risk increases for women

$0.2998 – Cost of a 9mm pistol cartridge on Cabela’s per bullet (sold in a box of 50)

314,968,962 – Population of the US

310,000,000 – Number of non military guns in the US

67 – Percentage of gun owners who claim gun ownership for self protection

58 – Percentage who have a gun for hunting

60 Million – Number of guns in Yemen, the country with the next highest gun ownership rate behind the US

2004 – Year the law banning magazines with more than 10 rounds expired

2008 – Year legislation passed to prevent sales of guns to the mentally ill

26 – Percentage of Americans wanting a handgun ban in 2011 according to Gallup

60 – Percentage supporting a ban in 1959

70 – Percentage of Florida defendants invoking “stand your ground” who go free

73  – Percentage of Florida “stand your ground” defendants who killed a black person to go free

59 – Percentage of Florida “stand your ground” defendants killing a white person to go free

23 – Number of states where people who have lost their rights to firearms for mental health reasons can petition to reinstate them

1 – Number of members of my family killed at point blank range

2  – Number of his adult children who witnessed the shooting

4 – Number of semiautomatic handguns used in his murder

5 Years and 8 Months – Length of time from his death until I called it “gun violence”

2 – Days ago I started to use that term

4 – Number of guns I have fired this year


Photo by Robert M. Errera, from Flickr

Information from CNN, The Economist, The Brady Campaign, the Huffington Post, The Guardian



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  1. Barb Vogel says:

    Very powerful, Jennifer!

  2. Jennifer Kabat says:

    Thank you… weirdly next I’m writing about hunting.

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