Slamming the Screen Door: My Unplugged Summer #1

Ed. note: On June 1, Whitney Collins went dark. Her Facebook page went dead, and her Twitter feed. Her iPhone was turned off, as well as her laptop. Her house was purged of television sets, video game consoles, DVD players, and all the detritus of our modern age. For her, a hashtag was just another unused button on her antiquated telephone. Here’s a picture she sent of the purge, just before the signal went dead:

photo 1 (1)

Sorta like that diet episode of Oprah where they wheeled out a Radio Flyer full of human fat.

Now, when you are a writer, and specifically a correspondent for a publication that exists solely online, this poses unique challenges. Whitney’s solution to the problem was to bang out her monthly dispatches like Jake Barnes in Paris: on a typewriter. She would give the pages to her husband, who would scan them and send the PDF to us.

Here, then, is the first of her three-part series (assuming she can go that long without looking at Lady Gaga’s Instagram page). CLICK HERE to open the PDF and read.


About Whitney Collins

Whitney Collins (@theunpoet) is the author of The Hamster Won't Die and Hank Is Dead. She is the creator of the humor sites errant parent and The Yellow Ham. Her writing appears on Salon, The Huffington Post, Glamour, McSweeney's, The Big Jewel, Loop, and The Barnes and Noble Book Blog among others. After last winter's wrath, and endless technology, she is spending 70 days this summer screen free: no computers, tablets, smartphones, or TVs.
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  1. Phat B says:

    Phil Collins is alive and well, Though I’m not sure if someone will be sending you these comments via raven or how that works. Just wanted you to know that Phil Collins is doing great.

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