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Whitney Collins (@theunpoet) is the author of The Hamster Won't Die and Hank Is Dead. She is the creator of the humor sites errant parent and The Yellow Ham. Her writing appears on Salon, The Huffington Post, Glamour, McSweeney's, The Big Jewel, Loop, and The Barnes and Noble Book Blog among others. After last winter's wrath, and endless technology, she is spending 70 days this summer screen free: no computers, tablets, smartphones, or TVs.

“Mad Men” Eulogies: Roger Sterling

Roger Sterling. A man of many felted fedoras. Continue reading

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Slamming the Screen Door: Dispatches from a Summer Unplugged, Vol. 3

Whitney Collins posts her final dispatch from a summer free of iPhones, TVs, laptops, iPads, and other devices on which you are reading this. Continue reading

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Slamming the Screen Door: Dispatches From a Summer Unplugged, Part II

on June 1, my two sons and I went screen-free for the summer. No smartphones, tablets, computers, Internet, or television for 70 days. I’ve been keeping a daily journal about our low-tech experiment. Here are a few excerpts. Continue reading

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Slamming the Screen Door: My Unplugged Summer #1

On June 1, Whitney Collins went dark. Her Facebook page went dead, and her Twitter feed. Her iPhone was turned off, as well as her laptop. Her house was purged of television sets, video game consoles, DVD players, and all the detritus of our modern age. This is her first typewritten dispatch from the Land of No Screens. Continue reading

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The Real Meaning of TOP GUN: Maverick and the Monomyth

The Danger Zone meets Joseph Campbell, and the Hero With a Thousand Faces looks just like Tom Cruise. Continue reading

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Labors of Love: Tales of Corporate Dropouts

Whitney Collins, who left her corporate drone job, interviews others who have made the leap of faith. Continue reading

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The Unbearable Kindness of Trader Joe’s

Years of living in a mean world have made Whitney Collins so jaded that when she encounters genuine kindness, she doesn’t trust it. Continue reading

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