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The Sun’s Own Room

Jordan Rosenfeld’s dad was a dealer. Selling pot in amounts that could have put him in federal prison. The money bought designer clothes, cars – and decades of uncertainty. Continue reading

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The Green, the Black and the High

Toby Barlow’s modest proposal for the new economy – the new drug economy – when countless African Americans are in jail for just what’s being legalized. Continue reading

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Two Bongs Don’t Make a Right

Patrick Wensink discovers a neighbor boy growing marijuana on his garage roof and debates the merits of today’s juvenile delinquents. Continue reading

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The Mexican Connection, Part I: Cannabis Wrecks

Marijuana, drug enforcement, the cartels. Immigration, border patrol, human trafficking. Undocumented labor, worker protection, women’s rights. How the U.S. government chooses to manage, or not manage, any one of these issues has a ripple effect on all the others. All are connected, and all flow inevitably from the relationship between the United States of America and the United States of Mexico. Continue reading

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