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When Pop Music Goes Dark: An Interview With Mark Brooks

“People might say, “Oh, this is straight pop music,” but when you dig in, it’s much more – it’s heartbreak, it’s anger, it’s back-stabbing…Everything on this record comes from a real feeling and a real experience. Continue reading

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Metallica Rock City: A Conversation with “Into the Black” Authors Paul Brannigan & Ian Winwood

Metallica have plowed their way to the top, selling over 100 million records worldwide and becoming quite possibly the most successful heavy metal band of all time. Or have they? Monday Metallica Rock City talks the rise, fall and return of East Bay’s finest with the authors of the comprehensive two volume biography, Birth, School, Metallica, Death and Into the Black. (Da Capo Press) Continue reading

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Power Trio: 3 Songs to Play When the Westboro Baptist Church Shows Up at Your Event

Weeklings Music Editor Joe Daly takes on the Westboro Baptist Church, offering three songs to keep handy in case they ever show up at one of your events. Continue reading

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